Noha Ramadan’s (they/her) artistic work starts with the body and manifests as text, performance and moving image, often with a clear drive to destabilise formal logic and allow subjects to appear as suggestive and poetic traits. 

Their performances have incorporated distinctly imagistic and filmic ways of working with gesture, projection and sound, which often induce a sense of navigating through virtual landscapes. Underscored by a love for language, her practice is an ongoing investigation into the dancing body with its capacity to spatialise thought, and apprehend space, memory and possible futures. 

She is inspired by open and improvisational forms which privilege emergence, play and sensation over semiotics, as well as in the potential of working in close proximity with others. Her current body of work ‘all our weapons’ is a long-term research into power and ritual within artistic communities. 

Noha is co-founder of Jacuzzi, an artist-run space at the crossroads of performance, visual arts, and time-based media in Amsterdam. They graduated from Das Choreography in 2017 and are a mentor and teacher at the School for New Dance Development and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam.