Open is young and old, is liquid mercury

Open is



for the disorientation of control

for 29 minutes of fearlessness

A single performer aims to lie (about what she wants), destroy (everything that becomes apparent) and open up (to the possibility of each moment). By insisting on the state of suspension, her attitude rapidly dissolves towards the unknown…

OPEN begins as a momentarily seductive choreography but quickly loses interest in its own regularity. Instead, it seeks a trajectory of continual deviation, establishing a shared space of possibility that invites the emotional and imaginative worlds of both performer and her audience.



Choreography and performance: Noha Ramadan / Duration 30 minutes / Advice: Robert Steijn / Music : Peggy Lee, Beethoven / Lighting Design: Ellen Knops / Video: Noha Ramadan / Photograph: Nellie De Boer, Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam 2009

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