Once More With Feeling










When do we recognise something as different?

How do we revisit something which is constantly erasing itself? How do we imitate, emulate, repeat, or interpret the intentions of the other?

Once More With Feeling is a game of observation, memory and reconstruction in which the performers attempt the impossible – exact mimicry. Through an excessive venture into formalism, they hope to transform the theatre into a really real playground of difference and multiplication.

If this existence is this thing is actually existing there can be no repetition – Gertrude Stein


Concept/Choreography/performance: Matthew Day and Noha Ramadan Performed with: Eva Susova, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Guillem Mont de Palol Outside eyes: Deborah Pollard, David Weber-Krebs, Katarina Bakatsaki Photo: Roberta Marques

Produced with the support of the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam and Urban Theater Projects, Sydney Australia.

February 2009 Frascati WG, NL
April 2009 Springdance Witness program, Utrecht NL
November 2006 Neu/Now Festval, Vilnius, LT
July 2010 Theater Aan Zee, Oostende, BE

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