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In days gone by, people used to think that the stars were armies of angels. Now they’ve come down to the ground. Tomorrow, the world will have only one city and it will be like living in the centre of some huge bright eye. An invisible city that has its centre everywhere…

In Los Angeles Noha attempts to channel the chaotic and coexistent worlds of information, fantasy, and mythology. She mutates text into action into movement, crashing elements together and spinning tales of disrupted utopias.

Choreography + Performance: Noha Ramadan / Sound design: S.M. Schneider / Dramaturgical support: Lea Martini / Costume design: Ebba Fransén Waldhör / Light design: Wassan Ali

Produced by Noha Ramadan and Tanztage Berlin 2015, supported by ada studio and artblau Tanzwerkstatt

Special thanks to Matthew Day, Ria Higler, Lea Martini, Anja Müller, Robert Steijn, ’The half’/ Diego Gil, Lily Kiara, Clara Saito, Felix Marchand, Tian Rotteveel, Thomas Schaupp, Dennis Deter.

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I heart Berlin

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