We are not giving up. We have suffered / triumphed / improved / travelled / deviated / developed a drug habit / met a new muse / gone broke / got taken over by the Right. But we are coming back. With a new declaration of independence. Backwards to the future of our dreams. 

Comeback (2011) is a performative installation, set up as collaboration between movement, space, light and sound. Two dancers continuously travel forward on a path created by light, resembling images of both a huge rock concert stage and a lonely highway disappearing into the darkness. Body, music and light are present as voices and create parallel tracks that sometimes connect. The movement, setting and light remain abstract and shift between situations, dreams and hopes. The performers don’t face the audience. We only see their backs and look over their shoulder, at what is lying in front of them but hides itself in the dark.


Created by Daniel AlmgrenRecen, Katinka Marac, Noha Ramadan / Performance Daniel AlmgrenRecen and Noha Ramadan / Lighting Design Katinka Marac / Sound: Steve Martin Snider / Dramaturgy Ibrahim Quraishi and Felix Ritter / Produced by Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam NL / Photography: Stephan van Hesteren

Comeback is a Het Veem Werkplaats Productie


Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam, January 2011

Nottdance Festival, Europe in Motion, Lincoln Drill Hall, February 2011

Liteside Festival, Amsterdam, August 2011

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