Alpha Dance Funeral




















The Alpha Dance Funeral (ADF) is a playful mourning ritual for the death of signification and the birth of movement. Struggling with the ‘Crisis of Representation’™ and the long-standing obsession with the triple A’s of Acronyms, Activism and Anarchism, the Artist searches for important similarities between her tutu and a flag, dis-ease and strip-tease, and most importantly, between her own dance and Anna Pavlova’s dying swan. During her quest for meaning, she discovers embodiment. The rest is history – figuratively speaking.

Choreography and performance: Noha Ramadan / Advice: Katarina Bakatsaki / Lighting Design: Emma Eberlijn / Onstage assistance: Matthew Day / Video: Noha Ramadan / Duration 30 minutes / Photograph: Masa Marcinko-Topic, SNDO, Amsterdam December 2007

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